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Review: Duke Falcon’s Global Grill

Duke Falcon's Global Grill

I would like to thank Joyce from Long Beach for her review of Duke Falcon’s. I myself have ate at Duke Falcon’s in the past and have loved everything about it. Just sitting there looking at all the cool stuff on the wall is one of my favorite things to do. Anyway, here is Joyce’s review:

Review of Duke Falcon’s

I went there last Friday night with two girlfriends. We decided to meet early to avoid the dinner crowd so we walk in around 6 pm.

We were greeted by the host who was pleasant and friendly as he showed us to a table in the newly added dining room. The atmosphere was that of calming yet artsy; not too much and not too sparse. Well done with taste and class.

Our waiter was Scott who was very charming. As he described the specials he was all smiles and yet totally on top of his game. I find that it only adds to a positive experience when the staff knows their product and presents it the way it ought to be presented to the customer.

We started off with a round of cocktails and even tried one off the specials menu. As we waited, we were given a plate of pickled cucumbers, salsa, and some sort of bean dip nested on slices of toasted french bread. I loved that it was not just another bread basket to fill up on and ruin dinner because now you’re too full to eat any more. It was just enough for the three of us and even a fourth to finish yet still have room for the main course.

I had the seared rib-eye steak and garlic mashed potatoes, on my right my friend ordered the roasted duck on a bed of wild rice and on my left my friend ordered the steak and mushroom napoleon. Well or course we all had a bite of each other plate and everything was just fabulous. My steak was cooked to perfection, the duck was moist and succulent, and the napoleon was just fabulous.

Scott made sure to check in on us every so often without being annoying to make sure we did not want for anything. To me, that is was service is all about; not having to look for staff but having the staff look out for you separates a good restaurant from a better one.

When dessert came Scott recommended his favorites without disparaging the other items on the menu and we decided on the key lime pie and this hazelnut chocolate mousse puff pastry dish which was just out of this world.

The whole evening was going great. Here we were, three friends catching up over dinner, enjoying a fantastic meal served by excellent staff and then…IT HAPPENED…

When Scott gave us the check I noticed that we were over charged on the bar bill. I ordered two drink specials at $9.50 each and I was charged $19.95 each. When I pointed this out to Scott, he explained that it is done by computer and it automatically charges that amount. As if that made it OK. Wrong!

I felt that the rug had been pulled out from under me because everything was going so well and then they try to rip you off on the bar bill because they did not punch in the specials prices in the computer. That one small detail brought the whole night down a few notches.

After some haggling back and forth between me, Scott and the management the price was eventually adjusted down to $11 each instead of the listed $9.50 because Scott thought I asked for Stoli’s vodka instead of house vodka. Whether or not that was selective hearing on Scott’s part is for him to come to terms with. But as they say in the service industry: The customer is always right.

I don’t hold it against Scott, he was still great and I am glad we sat at his station. If ever I go back I will ask for him again and I would recommend Duke Falcon’s in a heartbeat because the food was most excellent.

Just remember folks as a rule ALWAYS be mindful of pricing and scrutinize the check very carefully.

Thank you again Joyce for sending in your review. I invite anyone reading this review that has gone out to eat recently and wants to let everyone know about their experience, please send me a review at

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  1. Steve says:

    I would like to preface this by saying that I have never posted a restaurant review before. Last night, my girlfriend and I went for dinner at Duke Falcon's at 6 p.m. It was a Saurday. We were promptly seated and a friendly and attentive waiter came over to serve us. He asked if we would like to start off with drinks. We asked him to choose between two bottles of merlot on the menu. He Said the Penfold's merlot was more popular so we ordered a bottle. He came back five minutes later to apologize to us for it was out of stock and asked if we would like the La Playa merlot. We said that was fine. Five minutes later, he came back and now told us this was out of stock also. He again apologized profusely and asked if we would like a more expensive bottle of merlot on their reserve list or would we prefer a glass of the house merlot. We went with the house merlot. A appetizer and dinner were served without event. The main courses were mediocre. We skipped dessert and asked for two cups of regular coffee which were promptly served. When the check came, I asked for a refill on the coffees and gave him an Amex card. He apologized again and said they don't take Amex, so I gave him a Visa Card instead. He told us they were brewing a fresh pot of coffee and it would be ready in five minutes. After five minutes, he came back to say they were brewing a pot of decaf and it would be another 10 minutes before a pot of regular coffee would be ready. Once again, the waiter apologized and even apologized for apologizing so many times. We decided not to wait as we were going to a movie and didn't have the time. I could not believe a place like Duke Falcon's, having been around a number of years, could be so ill-prepared for business on a Saturday night. We will never eat there again.

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