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Fire Wipes Out 9 LB Businesses

A fire occurred this past weekend. No one was hurt, fortunately, but 9 businesses were destroyed….VIDEO INSIDE

Nick DiAngelo & Coastal Grill Extend Resturaunt Week Menu

Both Nick DiAngelo & Coastal Grill, owned by the George Martin Group, have extended their Restaurant Week promotion through May 24th.  What does this mean for you?  From my understanding, you can order from the 3 course Prix Fixe menu Sun-Thurs until then for $19.99.  Make sure you call before to verify these details, as […]

Guest Post: Review of Monterey

Monterey opened their doors last Friday. My dad always told me never go to a restaurant the day it opens; that’s when they clean the dust off the pans. So I waited a few days and ended up going last night….

Celebrity Chefs Don’t Always Tell the Truth

I was just reading an article on Smart Money titled “10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won’t Tell You”. Here are a few of the topics: “There’s absolutely no reason to buy my cookbook.” This section goes on to discuss how you can find many recipes for free on some websites, inculding The Food Networks extensive database. […]

Readers Write In!

Here are some of the tips that I’ve received lately…


Here is an announcement from the Walks Association. Please read and partake…

Restaurant Week Reviews

So I know alot of people are going out this week to eat.  For $20, it is a great deal.  Even I went out on Tuesday after working for 6 nights in a row!  Ok, so I am going to post a review here of Nick DiAngelo sent to me by Anthony, the owner of […]

Long Beach Restaurant Week

From Friday April 17th thru May 3rd, participating restaurants in the area will be offering a prixe fixe menu for Long Beach, New York’s 1st annual Restaurant Week…

Over The Bridge: Kitchen a Bistro

While Long Beach has delicious food aplenty, there is a whole world of fantastic food out there .  Which is why I have named this feature, “Over The Bridge”.  The first restaurant I will discuss is one I have long wanted to go to, but could never seem to find the right time to get […]

7 Questions With: Christina LoSasso of GM Coastal Grill

Christina, the  new chef at GM Coastal Grill answered a few questions for us.  Here are her responses: Where did you get your culinary training? I recieved my training from The Art Institute of NY. Where did you work before the GM Coastal? I have worked at The Inn when I was younger, as well […]