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Review: Duke Falcon’s Global Grill

I would like to thank Joyce from Long Beach for her review of Duke Falcon’s. I myself have ate at Duke Falcon’s in the past and have loved everything about it. Just sitting there looking at all the cool stuff on the wall is one of my favorite things to do. Anyway, here is Joyce’s […]

Who’s Got The Best Burger in Town?

I am curious as to who you think has the best burger in town. If I want a hunk of greasy and guilty deliciousness, I go to 5 Guys. Otherwise, I like Speakeasy’s sliders. The best in my opinion… What says you? Leave ’em in the comments. Share on Facebook

What’s Your Favorite…Place to grab a drink?

New feature – What’s Your Favorite…  This go around I want to know your favorite place to just go and grab a couple drinks.  No dinner or any of the other.  Just want everyone to share their favorites in the comments below. Share on Facebook

Readers Write In!

Here are some of the tips that I’ve received lately…

Readers Opinion

(From “Beavis”) “the bungalow is the place formally known as “seaside grill” on the corner of park and roosevelt. i have not yet gone in to pick up a menu but from what i hear it’s changed a bit, now including quesidillas and other goodies. another few other places that i have been to and […]