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7 Questions With…Jake Marlin of Speakeasy

This is my first shot at asking questions of local chefs and I was lucky enough to get a hold of Jake Marlin of The Speakeasy (located at 1032 West Beech Street, Long Beach, NY).  Read below to see his answers to my questions…

Where did you get your culinary training?
I graduated from The French Culinary Institute In Manhattan, But I would say that i got most of my training in the different kitchens I have worked in.

Where did you work before the Speakeasy?
Before I came to Speakeasy I worked in a private club called The Lotos Club, in Manhattan, and The River Cafe, in Brooklyn.

If you could cook with only 10 ingredients, what would they be, and what would you make with them?
My 10 ingredients would be Garlic,Cilantro, Salt, Pepper, Arugula, Butter, White Wine, Lemon, Pork, Tomatoes.  I’m not sure what I would make but i know it be delicious.

What is your number one go to restaurant in Long Beach? On Long Island? In NYC (or 5 boros)?
I don’t really have a go to restaurant I really love to try new places. Even if I really enjoy a meal I would rather try a something new the next time.

What 5 things are always in your refrigerator or freezer? (not including eggs, milk etc)
Five things that are always in my refrigerator are cheese, Pepperoni or Salami, Sweet Chili Sauce, Some really spicy hot Sauce, and I always have Ice cream in my freezer.

Whats the best meal you have ever eaten?
I don’t remember the best meal I have ever eaten, but I have few memories of some amazing dishes that I always try to recreate but it is never as good as i remember.

Diners have no shortage of choices where to spend their money. How do you draw them in?
I think the only way you can draw diners in is by giving them really good food. You can be as creative or as simple as you want but you have to use good quality ingredients and cook them well.


LB Foodie Info Page (with full menu and directions)

Speakeasy (WEBSITE)

Order Online @ Point Click Eat

1032 West Beech Street

Long Beach, NY  11561

516-889-EASY (3279)

If you have questions you would like answered or suggestions for which chefs you’d like us to ask, drop me a line at tips@LBFoodie.com

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9 Responses

  1. mlgb says:

    Jake is a wonderful chef.. Speak Easy is lucky to have him. He really adds to this place.

  2. JP says:

    Jake can make spinach, tomatoes and garlic taste like a gourmet meal. He’s great.

  3. Marlene says:

    Love Jake, Love the food, Love the atmosphere. Speakeasy is the best place in Long Beach!!

  4. joan kraus says:

    jakes food is great and he really has an interesting menu.Speakeasys wine tastings are a lot of fun and jake has a chance to cook some really great food and as a result the diner gets to taste a lot of things they would not ordinarily try.Go for the food and the really friendly atmosphere.Great fries:potato and avocado

  5. Scortochino De Casavalonus says:

    Jake is a superb chef and eloquent, if overly modest, exponent of his methods. This is a fascinating interview, masterfully conducted from first word to last.

  6. LBFoodie says:

    This is one of my favorite places in LB.

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